Milking Clusters – The Flo-Star Max Claw & Magnum Flex 40 Liner Combo.

Ultra-light – At only 1.7kg total cluster weight for reduced operator fatigue & increased cow comfort.

Ultra-strong – Tested to withstand 3.2 tonne direct pressure making it stronger than most steel claws. 3-year warranty on the bowl.

X-Crossed milk inlet design – Prevents splashing & speeds up milk flow through the bowl.

High capacity – 340ml bowl eliminating flooding.

Better design – Designed with front two milk inlets positioned wider than the two rear inlets to match the natural of shape of a cow udder allowing the cluster to hang squarely & reduce slippage. Short pulsation tubes are positioned on the inside of the liners, reducing the ability of the cow to catch the cluster & greatly reducing kick offs.

Magnum Flex 40 Vented Liner – Ensures better cow comfort & faster milking. Vented liners give you 4 air intake points per cluster, increasing milk flow rate away from the teat end into the claw, reducing back splash onto the teat, reducing cross contamination & infections.

Conclusion – Faster milking with overall cow & operator comfort improved by virtue of a lighter, more efficient cluster.

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