Machine Washing :

Low Level Wash Line System – is positioned at waist height for optimum operator comfort to attach clusters. Before milking, the washer trays & line, can be folded down underneath the kerb out of the way during milking. All BGM Ireland machines are fitted with an Air Injection Wash System. During the washing cycle, the machine builds up a quantity of water at the end of the milk line that fills the line, it then blasts through this full pipe of water to ensure that all surfaces of larger milk lines are washed thoroughly.

Wash Troughs – Stainless steel wash troughs are supplied in a range of sizes, manufactured from high grade stainless steel to last & are usually wall mounted for easy of cleaning.

Guardian Supreme Automatic Washer – Automatic machine washing ensures correct, consistent washing of a machine after each milking. Saving a lot of time, the Auto. washer is fully programmable in terms of detergent dosing, wash time & cycles. Pre-Milk Rinsing is a programmable option. Fitted with 3 peristaltic chemical pumps for accurate dosing, to eliminate waste of expensive products & the handling of dangerous chemicals. One start button integrated with the milking machine controls, the Guardian Supreme has “Milk Mode” & “Wash Mode” sensors, that won’t allow the milking to start with the milk pipe in wash position or vice versa.

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