Dump Line Options :

Simple Stall Tap – This is the most basic option, where a vacuum line & a number of stall taps are fitted down along the pit to provide vacuum to a bucket plant unit for milking separately of a particular cow.

Dump Line Toggle Switch – A toggle switch is fitted at each unit to divert milk from a problem cow into a dump line.

Electronic Dump Line – A dump line control box with indicator lights is fitted to divert milk into a dump line. Indicator lights on the control box show clearly where milk is flowing reducing operator error.

Combi Fast Dump Line System – Combi Fast cluster & pulsator units are supplied & hung at a station within the pit. Combi Fast dump line sockets are fitted every two units, along an independent dump line & vacuum line. Simply bring the Combi Fast cluster to a station nearest a problem cow, plug in the Combi Fast unit, milk the cow without any concerns about remembering to redirect that unit back to the bulk tank when finished.

All dump lines are directed to their own receiver & milk pump, & are washed after each milking.

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