2’3” (85 Degree) Parlours – Tombstone Head-Holder is a system developed by BGM Ireland, where each cow has her individual space. Once all cows are aligned it is not possible for them to move out from their space. With this system each cow has her individual space. The Tombstone head-holder simply folds back by the press of a button to allow the cows to just turn their heads and exit the parlour. As the cow does not need to back out of the holder for exiting it means the system can be mounted closer to the stallwork so that cows are held tightly in position. Sequential Bailing is an excellent way of holding cows in the parlour. Sequenced gates ensure the cows go into the correct space each time. This system is designed in a way that eliminates poaching of feed, reduces stress on the cows and allows perfect alignment for ease of cluster attachment. The bailing system lifts up for exiting so cows can exit fast and without any obstacles in their way.

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