Tailwell 2 Cow Tail Trimmer

Fits onto most standard Cordless Drills.

Features a titanium-nitrade (TiN) coating for the cutter set, this super-hard coating prevents early wear and tear that sand causes on the cutters. Titanium-coated cutter sets have a unique gold colour.

Benefits of Tailwell TITANIUM include:

  • Good cutter life in situations of sand contaminated tails
  • A super-hard coating prevents the early wear and tear that the sand causes, therefore extending the life of the cutters
  • Trim tails within seconds during milking or in the barn
  • Cutters will last up to 3,000 sand-embedded tails (or about 6,000 non-seriously contaminated tails)
  • A reduced cutting power demand extends the life of the drill battery and results in reduced user fatigue
  • NOTE – Cordless Drill NOT INCLUDED